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Can you name the 330s (BC) things and people?

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ClueMissing WordA-Z
Aeschines leaves ______ for RhodesA
Lysippos makes The Scraper (______ statue)B
First plebeian is ______ to be praetorC
Darius forces Bagoas to _____ poisonD
Ptolemy I Soter forced into _____E
Corvus elected consul for the ______ timeF
Babylon and Susa open their _____G
Xenocrates elected ____ of Greek Academy H
The 700 Persian ________ (Persian Warriors)I
Emperor Kōan of _____J
Agis III of Sparta ______ in battleK
Vahe, ____ ruler of the Hyke dynastyL
Alexander crosses the Elburz _________M
ClueMissing WordA-Z
Alexandria founded near ____ RiverN
Demosthenes' speech: __ the Crown O
Leontini is taken ________ and put to deathP
_____ Eurydice of MacedoniaQ
Vitruvius Vaccus leads a failed ______R
Pixodarus succeeded by his ___-in-lawS
The hill ______ of Lycia and PisidiaT
Attalus _____ of Cleopatra EurydiceU
Antipater gains _______ in Battle of MegalopolisV
The Latin ___ endsW
Palace of ______ I set on fireX
Ateas: ninety-____-old King of ScythiansY
Lyceum's ___logical gardens and libraryZ

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