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ClueMissing WordA-Z
1st ecumenical council Nicaea, ____ MinorA
______ of the HellespontB
Tuoba Heru launched a ____ d'├ętatC
Gupta _______ founded in northern IndiaD
Crispus, ______ son of Constantine IE
Romes convicts to grind Rome's _____F
____________ combat is outlawedG
The ____ appear in PersiaH
Palatini (________ escort armies)I
December 25 introduced as birthday of _____J
Shapur II, ____ of PersiaK
Calcidius translates Plato into _____L
Helena, ______ of Constantine IM
ClueMissing WordA-Z
Licinius'_____ fleet destroyedN
___ St. Peter's Basilica consecratedO
______ Tuoba Heru of the Tuoba DaiP
Wang Meng of the Former ___ bornQ
Shortage of labor in the _____ EmpireR
Solis Invicti (___-day) day of rest decreeS
Nicene Creed establishes Holy _______ doctrineT
Yu Liang _____ of Jin ChengdiU
First church built on the site of _______ CityV
Constantine's ____ suffocated in a hot bathW
Li _____, Emperor of Cheng HanX
Empress __ WenjunY
Han ____ dynasty of Southern XiongnuZ

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