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Can you name the 310s things and people?

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ClueMissing WordA-Z
Constantine crosses the Cottian ____A
Metrophanes, ______ of ByzantiumB
Minting of a new ____; the solidusC
Maximinus II captures Heraclea after eight ____D
Galerius issues the _____ of TolerationE
Maximian flees to Marseille (______)F
Emperor Constantine the _____G
Imperial _____ Guard disbandedH
Mediolanum conference (modern Milan, _____)I
Ōjin, emperor of _____J
Biryu, ____ of BaekjeK
The ____ becomes the symbol of JesusL
Drepana (Asia _____) renamed HelenopolisM
ClueMissing WordA-Z
Jin Huidi poisoned (on imperial ___ year)N
Stone bridge built ____ the RhineO
____ Silvester IP
_____ Wa of SillaQ
Arch of Constantine built in ____R
X and P emblazoned on soldier's _______S
Sirmium loses the Balkans (except ______)T
Licinius _______ Eastern Roman EmpireU
Constantine receives his ______ of the CrossV
_______ Jin Dynasty endsW
The _______ sack Chang'anX
Chinese lose territories north of the _______ RiverY
Valerius, bishop of ________ (Spain)Z

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