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Can you name the 30s (BC) things and people?

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ClueMissing WordA-Z
Antony reorganizes ____ MinorA
______ of ActiumB
Lucius Volcatius becomes a Roman ______C
Segestani taken after 30-___ siegeD
Mauretania, driven into _____ by his brotherE
Roman _____ of warships invade SicilyF
Pact of Misenum assure Rome's _____ supplyG
Emperor Cheng of ___H
Mausoleum at Temple of (goddess) ____I
Ptolemy Caesar, son of ______ CaesarJ
Kingdom of Goguryeo (_____) foundedK
Romans ___ siege to LilybaeumL
____ Antony, Roman consulM
ClueMissing WordA-Z
Sextus styles himself 'son of (the god) _______'N
Pannonia attacked by ________ CaesarO
Pacorus, crown ______ of ParthiaP
Cleopatra given title of '_____ of Kings'Q
Berenice: west coast of the ___ SeaR
_____ of OtrantoS
Lepidus signs ______ of TarentumT
Tiberius: paternal _____ of ClaudiusU
Cleopatra ___ of EgyptV
Rome's _____ supplied by Aqua JuliaW
Ptolemy __ CaesarionX
Crassus the _______Y
_________ (Greece) held by Gaius SosiusZ

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