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ClueMissing WordA-Z
Roxana, wife of _________ the GreatA
The ______ of IpsusB
Seleucus makes Seleucia his _______ cityC
Ptolemy and Berenice's ________ AntigoneD
Seleucus gains 500 war-trained _________E
Areus I succeeds his grand-______F
Ptolemy crosses from Asia Minor into ______G
Pyrrhus of Epirus is taken as a _______H
Chandragupta tries to ______ IndiaI
Central texts of the ____ scriptures recordedJ
Hamilcar is captured and ______K
Pyrrhus allies himself with his brother-in-___L
Hellenic State ambassadors ____ at Corinth M
ClueMissing WordA-Z
Agathocles lands in _____ AfricaN
Spartacus III __ the Bosporan KingdomO
Etruscans sue for _____with RomeP
State of ___ conqueres the State of ShuQ
Antioch founded on the Orontes _____R
______ Samnite war formally endsS
Pilgrims ______ to Asclepieion to be curedT
Pyrrhus dethroned after an ________U
Antigonus gains _______ in CyprusV
Helepolis seige tower ______ 180 tonsW
Ancient Egypt era ______ (33)X
Siege of Rhodes ends after a ____Y
Wuling of the State of ____Z

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