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Can you name the 290s (BC) things and people?

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ClueMissing WordA-Z
______, Greece falls after a bitter siegeA
Roman consul Mus killed in ______B
Antiochus appointed commander-in-_____C
Stratonice,________ of DemetriusD
Philip IV: Cassander's ______ sonE
Fabius becomes consul for ______ timeF
Ptolemy _____ control over CyprusG
Alexander V turns to Demetrius for ____H
Aquilonia in Campania (southern _____)I
Demetrius _____ his son in siege of ThebesJ
____ Archidamus IVK
Antipater II _____ throne of MacedoniaL
Antipater II, murders his ______M
ClueMissing WordA-Z
Menander: master of Greek ___ ComedyN
Dentatus, gains victory ____ the SamnitesO
Rome suffers from the ______P
Commander Bai __Q
Lysimachus heads towards _____ DanubeR
City of Berenice built on the Red ___S
Macedonians conclude peace ______T
Ptolemy brings Cyrene _____ his controlU
First temple to _____ dedicatedV
Berenice, ____ of PtolemyW
Egypt era ______ (33)X
Qu ____Y
Wuling of ____ abdicatesZ

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