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Can you name the 280s things and people?

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ClueMissing WordA-Z
Alans driven off to ____ MinorA
The ______ of the MargusB
General Du Yu of _____C
Carausius is sentenced to _____D
Gupta ______ (India) is foundedE
Maximian's _____ lost in the English Channel F
The Bagaudae begin a revolt in ____ (France)G
Bonosus _____ himself rather than be capturedH
Marcus Aurelius Carus of _______ (Balkans)I
______ Saturninus, governor of SyriaJ
Kanishka III, ____ of the KushansK
Carus is killed by a bolt of ________L
Probus is ________ by his troopsM
ClueMissing WordA-Z
Carinus marches from Britain to _____ ItalyN
Carus appoints his ______ son CaesarO
Diocletian signs _____ treaty with Bahram IIP
_____ Hogu of Geumgwan GayaQ
Roman victories along the _____ DanubeR
Crispin, patron _____ of cobblers, martyredS
Diocletian divides the empire in ___T
Roman _______ ProculusU
Roman triumph over the _______V
Defensive _____ reinforced in GaulW
___ Ying of Eastern WuX
Fuzhou is built on the original city of __Y
_____ Ti minister of WuZ

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