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Can you name the 280s (BC) things and people?

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ClueMissing WordA-Z
Pergamum in ____ Minor A
Arsinoe marries her half-_______B
________ of Rhodes is completedC
Seleucus founder of the Seleucid _______D
Ptolemy II _______ from EgyptE
Herophilus: the ______ of anatomy F
_____ philosopher DicaearchusG
Lysandra flees with ___ childrenH
Lighthouse on the ______ of PharosI
Emperor Kōrei of _____J
Seleucus _____ Lysimachus in battleK
__ Si prime minister of QinL
Aristarchus estimates the ____'s radiusM
ClueMissing WordA-Z
Messana in _____-east SicilyN
Pyrrhus driven ___ of MacedoniaO
Phila kills herself with _______P
_____ Arsinoe IIQ
Nile River - ___ Sea canal startedR
Seleucus eldest ___ of AntiochusS
Sri Maha Bodhi Sacred Fig ____ is plantedT
Central Italy _____ Roman controlU
Rome gains _______ against EtruscansV
Rome declares ___ on TarentumW
Egyptian ______ (33rd) dynastyX
Ptolemy I Soter succeeded by ________ sonY
Mencius (Mèng __)Z

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