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Can you name the 270s things and people?

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ClueMissing WordA-Z
Aurelian closes the passes in the ____A
Saint Denis, first ______ of ParisB
Magnetic _______ first used (China)C
Goths back across the River ______D
The ___ of the Three Kingdoms (China)E
Pope _____ IF
Aksum mints its own ____ coinsG
Tacitus proclaimed Emperor by his ____-brotherH
The Chinese ______ gunpowder (black powder)I
Empress Jingu of _____J
____ Bahram I of PersiaK
Greek philosopher: Cassius ________L
____ Annius Florianus murderedM
ClueMissing WordA-Z
Saint ________ (Santa Claus) bornN
Japan builds 100-foot ___-powered shipO
Claudius II Gothicus dies of ______P
_____ Zenobia flees to EmesaQ
Rome's daily bread ______ increasedR
Temple dedicated to ___ Invictus (Rome)S
Probus crosses Sea of Marmara (______)T
Romans leave _______ (Netherlands)U
St. __________ (executed by Claudius II)V
The Aurelian _____ constructedW
__ Zheng of the Kingdom of ShuX
Jin offensive along the ______ RiverY
Wei ____, Chinese scholarZ

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