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Can you name the 270s (BC) things and people?

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ClueMissing WordA-Z
Mauryan ____ driven out of KadambaA
The ______ of LysimachiaB
Antigonus _______ the HellespontC
Apama, the ________ of AntiochusD
Bindusara of the Mauryan ______E
Nicomedes becomes _____ ruler of BithyniaF
_____ philosopher EpicurusG
Phila, Antiochus's ____-sisterH
Gauls ______ Macedonia I
Phocians ____ Amphictyonic League (again)J
____ Pyrrhus of EpirusK
Antipater's reign only _____ a few monthsL
Gauls move into Asia _____M
ClueMissing WordA-Z
Egypt invades ________ SyriaN
___ woman throws roof tile at PyrrhusO
Qu Yuan writes ____ 'Lament for Ying'P
_____ Arsinoe IIQ
Carthage is _____ by an oligarchyR
Singidon founded (Belgrade, ______)S
Antiochus concludes peace ______T
Coptos: city of _____ EgyptU
Ptolemy II embassy _____ to RomeV
First Syrian ___W
Hán __ WángX
Antigonus II regains throne after two _____Y
Shen Dao of ____Z

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