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ClueMissing WordA-Z
Goths invade ____ MinorA
The ______ of NaissusB
Earliest known date for game of _____C
Jin Wudi of the Jin _______D
Syria, _____ and Palestine break from RomeE
Roman ____ of Wiesbaden capturedF
Shapur the _____G
________ (the Iberian Peninsula) conqueredH
The Heruli raid the Aegean _______I
Britannia _____ the Gallic EmpireJ
High ____ Cormac mac AirtK
_______ at Alexandria partly burned downL
Macrianus Major and Macrianus _____M
ClueMissing WordA-Z
The ____ Chapters on the Mathematical ArtN
Gallienus killed by his senior ________O
____ Felix IP
Fu ____ general of ShuQ
Alamanni invade Italy north of the Po _____R
Heruli invade the Black ___ coastS
Michu ascends the Sillan ______T
Roman ______ QuietusU
Milan and ______'s walls strenghenedV
Empress Zhu, ____ of Sun XiuW
Chinese author __ KangX
Dionysius dies after a 9-____ reignY
Queen _______ of the Palmyrene EmpireZ

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