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Can you name the 260s (BC) things and people?

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ClueMissing WordA-Z
______ and Sparta make peaceA
Ashoka converts to ________B
Rome besieges the ____ of AgrigentumC
Philetaerus, founder of the Attalid _______D
Antiochus I's ______ son SeleucusE
Egyptian _____ blockades the Saronic GulfF
First recorded ____________ combatG
Temple to Vertumnus built on Aventine ____H
Duilius uses grappling _____ in naval warfareI
Emperor Kōrei of _____J
____ Antigonus II GonatasK
Athens surrenders following a ____ siegeL
Roman denarius coin is ______M
ClueMissing WordA-Z
Pergamum, in _____-west Asia MinorN
Syracusans stationed _______ city wallsO
Lian __ and Zhao KuoP
___ army routs the army of ZhaoQ
Pitched battle at the Longanus _____R
Stoic ______ in GreeceS
Appius Claudius and his ___ legionsT
Eumenes I succeeds his _____U
Rome wins naval _______ in Battle of MylaeV
Archimedes screw devised for raising _____W
Confucian philosopher _____X
First Punic War begins (lasts 23 _____)Y
____ of CitiumZ

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