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Can you name the 250s things and people?

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ClueMissing WordA-Z
Goths invade ____ MinorA
Gaul, _________ and Spain break from RomeB
Odaenathus sacks the ____ of NehardeaC
Silver in the Roman ________ falls below 10%D
Aemilianus proclaimed '_____ of the State'E
Temple of the _________ SerpentF
Roman fort of Wiesbaden (_______) capturedG
Franks reach Tarraco in ________ (Iberia)H
Second ________ edict prohibits ChristianityI
Kofun Period begins in _____J
____ Shapur I of the Sasanian EmpireK
Pope ______ I L
Mediolanum (_____) ItalyM
ClueMissing WordA-Z
Christian priests executed and ____ exiledN
Goths separate into __________ and VisigothsO
Many Goth _________ brought to RomeP
_____ Gurdzad of PersiaQ
Aksum takes control of the ___ SeaR
_____pox epidemic begins in EthiopiaS
The 'Crisis of the _____ century'T
Nanjing __________ is founded, ChinaU
Emperor ________ IIV
Empress Zhen, ____ of Cao FangW
Xiahou ___ son of Xiahou ShangX
Sima __ strategist of WeiY
Teotihuacán rebuilt by _______ architectsZ

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