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ClueMissing WordA-Z
Antigonus secures control over ______ SeaA
Antigonus half-_______ of Demetrius the FairB
Metellus attacks the ____ of PanormusC
Antiochus marries Ptolemy's ________D
Hồng Bàng Dynasty comes to an ___E
Abantidas is succeeded by his ______F
Miletus citizens worship Antiochus as a ___G
One-_______ and fifty Roman ships are wreckedH
Eratosthenes _______ the armillary sphereI
Aratus applies to ____ Achaean LeagueJ
Abantidas is ______ by his enemiesK
Ptolemy II _____ control of CyrenaicaL
Battle of Adis: 40 _____ southeast of CarthageM
ClueMissing WordA-Z
Antigonus II's ______ leads revolt in CorinthN
Nicocles reign ____ lasts four monthsO
Plebian Coruncanius elected _______ maximusP
_____ Apama IIQ
Regulus put in spiked barrel and ______ down a hillR
Erasistratus founds medical ______ at AlexandriaS
Alexandria's Bible __________ into GreekT
Carthaginians, _____ Hamilcar, seize EnnaU
Thuc Dynasty (central _______) AsiaV
Start of Second Syrian ___W
__________ leader of Carthaginian armyX
Du Jiang ___ Irrigation System builtY
Hui of Eastern ____Z

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