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Can you name the 240s things and people?

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ClueMissing WordA-Z
Philippus II becomes consul at the ___ of 10A
Cyprian becomes ______ of CarthageB
Korean Baekje kingdom attacks _____C
Trajan Decius commander on River ______D
The Kushan ______ fallsE
The ______ raid the Rhine frontierF
_____ philosopher PlotinusG
Shapur given ____ a million gold piecesH
Battle of Samhain is fought in ______I
Queen Himiko of Yamataikoku, _____J
Ardashir I, Sassanid ____ of PersiaK
____ of the two Councils of ArabiaL
Gordian III is ________ by his soldiersM
ClueMissing WordA-Z
St Fabian is _____ the 20th popeN
Gordian III prepares an _________ against PersiaO
______ the Arab (Marcus Julius Philippus)P
Cao Xun, Prince of ___Q
1,000th anniversary of the city of ____R
Ardashir I and his ___ Shapur IS
Lady Triệu begins her _____ year resistance T
Goths invade (modern day) _______ and RomaniaU
Origen's eight-______ work criticizing CelsusV
Empress Wu, the _____ of Liu BeiW
Abgar __ of OsroeneX
Sima __ takes control of Cao WeiY
Kan __, advisor of WuZ

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