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Can you name the 240s (BC) things and people?

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ClueMissing WordA-Z
Babylon falls to the Egyptian ____A
Ashoka's Gautama ______ monumentsB
First recorded observation of Halley's _____C
Berenice, _______ of Ptolemy IID
Greek tyrant Aristomachos the _____E
Carthaginian _____ sails to LilybaeumF
Hanno the _____G
________ Barca, son of Hamilcar bornH
Seleucid empire expands as far as _____, AsiaI
Chu, Zhao, Wei, Yan, and Han ____ forcesJ
Agis IV: ____ of Sparta K
First _____ tragedy by Livius AndronicusL
_____ Ercte (Monte Pellegrino)M
ClueMissing WordA-Z
Carthaginians _____-west SicilyN
Number of praetors increased from ___ to twoO
Leonidas II, gains _____, aided by mercenariesP
Arsinoe III, _____ of Egypt is bornQ
Battle of the Bagradas _____R
Antigonus II controls Aegean ___ regionS
Rome signs a ______ with Hiero IIT
Attalus I Soter succeeds his _____U
Ptolemy III wins _________ over Seleucus IIV
First Punic ___W
Ancient Egypt: ______ (33) dynastyX
Antiochus III, _______ son of Seleucus IIY
Chinese philosopher ___ YanZ

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