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Can you name the 230s things and people?

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ClueMissing WordA-Z
Emperor Maximinus Thrax, ___ 62A
The ______ of CarthageB
Origen's school of ________ theologyC
Empress _______ Bian (Cao Cao's wife)D
Wei Yan is ________ for treasonE
Maximinus' army suffers from ______F
Praetorian _____ storm the palaceG
Maximinus' ____ chopped offH
Chinese discover the ______ of TaiwanI
Empress Jingū of _____J
____ Ardashir IK
Xian ____ emperor of the Han DynastyL
Severus and his mother are ________M
ClueMissing WordA-Z
Legio III Augusta dissolved: _____ AfricaN
___ Testament published in five languagesO
Denarius silver content falls to 28 _______P
Cao Fang instated as the Prince of __Q
____ split into seven deaconshipsR
Gordian I and his ___ Gordian IIS
Alexander Severus increases _____T
Pope Pontian succeeds Pope _____ IU
Emperor ________ becomes Princeps SenatusV
Roman–Persian ____W
Twenty-Second Legion: Legio ____ PrimigeniaX
____ of the Six EmperorsY
Empress _____ wife of Liu ShanZ

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