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Can you name the 230s (BC) things and people?

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ClueMissing WordA-Z
Eratosthenes' library at __________A
The ______ of PingyangB
The ____ of Pleuron is destroyedC
Diodotus ____ shortly after defeating ParthiansD
Ptolemy III Euergetes of _____E
Lysander, claims his 'Sign ____ the gods'F
Hanno the _____G
Chinese philosopher ___ FeiH
Arsaces _______ and conquers ParthiaI
Emperor Kōrei of _____J
____ Attalus I of PergamumK
Epirote ______ replaces Epirote AllianceL
Massilia (modern _________, France)M
ClueMissing WordA-Z
Land _____ of Rome is parcelled outN
Antiochus Hierax fights his _____ brotherO
Gnaeus Naevius: Latin ____ and dramatistP
Chinese state of ___ is conqueredQ
Corsica and Sardinia _____ against RomeR
Piracy in Adriatic ___S
______ of Horus is builtT
Zheng begins to _____ ChinaU
Arsaces gains _______ against Parthia V
Carthaginian civil ___W
General _____ YuX
Seleucus taken prisoner for several _____Y
Confucian philosopher Xun __Z

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