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Can you name the 220s things and people?

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ClueMissing WordA-Z
The Goths invade ____ MinorA
The ______ of JietingB
_________ paintings decorate the CatacombsC
Ma Su ____ in prisonD
Shi Zhi, ______ son of Shi XieE
Ardashir I, _______of the Sassanid dynastyF
Praetorian _____ kill UlpianG
Elagabalus adopts Severus as his ____H
Cao Pi dies after an _______I
_____ Soaemias and her son ElagabalusJ
High ____ Cormac mac AirtK
Seius Sallustius attempts to murder his son-in-___L
Great frost in England lasts five ______M
ClueMissing WordA-Z
Zhuge Liang's third ________ ExpeditionN
Saturday fast: no food, olive ___ or wine O
Ardashir I, ruler of ______P
General He __ of WuQ
_____ general Publius Valerius ComazonR
______ content of denarius falls to 35%S
The _____ Kingdoms, ChinaT
Pope _____ IU
Elagabalus marries ______ Virgin Aquilia SeveraV
Chinese _______ Liu BeiW
Jia __, advisor of WeiX
Meng Da killed by Sima __Y
___ Zhi, general of Sun Quan Z

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