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Can you name the 220s (BC) things and people?

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ClueMissing WordA-Z
Gauls cross the ____ and threaten RomeA
Hamilcar Barca is killed in ______B
______ Flaminius (race track)C
Seleucus III of the Seleucid _______D
_____quake destroys city of KameirosE
Flaminius elected consul for _____ timeF
______ falls under Macedonian suzeraintyG
Seleucus II dies after a fall from his _____H
Matala occupied on ______ of CreteI
Scerdilaidas and Demetrius ____ forcesJ
____ Cleomenes III of SpartaK
Maga of Cyrenaica (modern _____, Africa)L
Laodice gets _______ to AchaeusM
ClueMissing WordA-Z
Carthago Nova (___ Carthage)N
Ten years ___ Philip V inherits throneO
_______ III of EgyptP
_____ Teuta of IllyriaQ
Saguntum alliance (south of Ebro _____)R
________ and Corsica made combined provinceS
Qin Shi Huang's ____-lined roadsT
Ptolemy IV puts to death his _____U
Gaius Flaminius builds the ___ FlaminiaV
The Second Illyrian ____W
_____ Yan, the last general of ChuX
Seleucus succeeded by his _______ brotherY
State of Qin conquers state of ____Z

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