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Can you name the 210s things and people?

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ClueMissing WordA-Z
Population of __________, Egypt massacredA
Public _____ built by CaracallaB
Eboracum: The _______ of Britannia InferiorC
Macrinus defeated in a three ___ battle D
Vasudeva I of the Kushan ______E
Colosseum is badly damaged by ____F
Elagabalus initiated into worship of Phrygian ____G
___ Xuan killed by Wei YanH
Pulona of Andhra in _____, AsiaI
Saint Narcissus of ________J
____ Sauromates IIK
The III and IV _______ are disbanded L
Geta dies in his _______ armsM
ClueMissing WordA-Z
Callixtus I _____ as sixteenth popeN
Zhao Lei, supply _______ of Liu BeiO
Artabanus V signs _____ treaty with RomeP
_______ Tineius SacerdosQ
Caracalla defends (river) _____ frontierR
______ content of denarius falls to 43%S
Ma Tie the _____ son of Ma TengT
Verus, Roman _______U
Caracalla's wins _________ in GermanyV
Empress Fu Shou ____ of Emperor XianW
The Tuoba clan of the _______ peopleX
Septimius Severus dies after 18-____ reignY
Mi ___, adviser first to Tao QianZ

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