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Can you name the 210s (BC) things and people?

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ClueMissing WordA-Z
The Terracotta ____ is made A
The ______ of HerdoniaB
Panyu (present-day Guangzhou, or ______)C
Confucian writings ________ by fireD
Siege of Saguntum lasts _____ monthsE
Fabius: the ______ of guerrilla warfare F
_____ mathematician: Archimedes of Syracuse,G
General ________ BarcaH
Attempted ________ of Illyria by seaI
Carthage and Syracuse ____ forcesJ
____ Antiochus IV EpiphanesK
Roman ___, Lex Oppia, is institutedL
Philip V of _______M
ClueMissing WordA-Z
Flaminius raises new legions and marches _____N
Fabiusis consults the ______ at DelphiO
Cleomenes III, escapes from his ______P
___ Dynasty of ChinaQ
City of Cannae (on the Aufidus _____)R
Thebes' inhabitants ____ into slaveryS
Romans besiege the ____ of CapuaT
Scipio and his _____ Scipio CalvusU
Ren Xiao invades present-day _______ (Asia)V
Arsinoe III, ____ and sister of Ptolemy IVW
Armenian king ______X
Syracuse falls afters two _____Y
______ son of FusuZ

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