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Can you name the 200s things and people?

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ClueMissing WordA-Z
Classic ___ of Maya civilization beginsA
The ______ of White Wolf MountainB
Caracalla and Geta become Roman _______C
Ardashir I founds the Sassanid _______D
Liu Shan, last _______ of ShuE
Vologases VI succeeds his ______F
Roman law bans female _________G
Brahmanism evolves into ________H
King Satavahana of the Andhra, _____I
__ Ping executed by Cao CaoJ
Daifang Commandery in north _____K
Irenaeus, Bishop of ____ (France)L
Human population reaches 257 _______M
ClueMissing WordA-Z
Leptis Magna region (_____ Africa)N
Free distribution of _____ oil in RomeO
The ________ (Temple) is restored in RomeP
Liu __, son of Liu BiaoQ
____-building and forest-clearing (Caledonia)R
Felicitas, Christian _____ is martyredS
A flood in Edessa kills over two ________T
_____ Britain (Britannia Superior)U
King Vologases __V
Hadrian's ____ is retakenW
Governor__ GongX
Septimius Severus returns to Rome after five _____Y
Sun Quan battles Huang __Z

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