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ClueMissing WordA-Z
Gaius Claudius Nero reinforces Livius's ____A
Marcellus is killed in ______B
Hasdrubal Barca decides to _____ the Pyrenees C
Zhang Han of the Qin _______D
_____ and Sun measurement (Eratosthenes)E
Philip 's _____ defeat the Rhodian's NavyF
_____ Wall of China further fortifiedG
________ Barca recalled to CarthageH
Carthaginians from ______ of MaltaI
Temple of goddess ____ (near Crotone)J
_______ of Nam Việt is establishedK
Roman historian ____L
Philip V of _______M
ClueMissing WordA-Z
Qin Er Shi replaced by his ______ ZiyingN
Zhang Han general __ the Qi DynastyO
Carthage sues for _____P
_____ Arsinoe IIIQ
Carthaginians to pay ____ 200 talents per yearR
Zhang Han lays _____ to city of JuluS
Tarentum fall after _____ yearsT
Egyptian revolt spreads to _____ EgyptU
Antiochus III marches into Kabul ______V
Mago Barca dies of his ______W
Gaozu is defeated by the _______X
Rebel leader Xiang __Y
Battle of ____ ends Second Punic WarZ

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