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Can you name the missing words from these 1930s Oscar best picture nominees?

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A Farewell to _____A
_____ Melody of 1936B
Captains _____C
She _____ Him WrongD
Shanghai _____E
San _____F
The _____ ZiegfeldG
It _____ One NightH
_____ of LifeI
Romeo and _____J
The Lives of a Bengal _____L
Les _____M
A Midsummer _____ DreamN
The Wizard of _____O
The Story of Louis _____P
All _____ on the Western FrontQ
Alexander's _____ BandR
A _____ Is BornS
The _____ ManT
The Private Life of Henry _____V
Mr. Smith Goes to _____W
You Can't Take It With _____Y
The Life of Emile _____Z

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