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ClueMissing WordA-Z
Battle of Nicaea (____ Minor)A
Lü __ executedB
Roman road _______ the AlpsC
Empress Cao, ________ of Cao CaoD
Tigris - _________ canalE
____ destroys Galen's libraryF
Pertinax assassinated by Praetorian _____G
Chinese ___ DynastyH
Christian community established Kerala, _____I
Didius ________J
____ Osroes IIK
Luoyang's tombs ______ for treasureL
Cleomedes: 'The ____ doesn't glow on its own'M
ClueMissing WordA-Z
Battle of Jieqiao in _______ ChinaN
Cao Pi _____ brother of Cao ZhiO
____ ZephyrinusP
Sun Ce and Zhou Yu wed the ____ sistersQ
Civil war again strikes ____ (Italy)R
______ content in denarius falls to 50 percentS
Mesopotamia partitioned into ___ provincesT
Pescennius Niger, Roman _______U
Vologases _ son of Vologases IVV
Hadrian's ____ severely damagedW
Luoyang court is moved to ____X
____ of the Five EmperorsY
__ Rong, general under Tao QianZ

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