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Can you name the 190s (BC) things and people?

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ClueMissing WordA-Z
Carneades moves to ______, GreeceA
______ of ThermopylaeB
Eumenes II and allies _____ the HellespontC
Ptolemy V fights rebels in the Nile _____D
Cato the _____E
Gaozu _____ Emperor of Han F
Apollonius of Perga 'The _____ Geometer'G
Carthaginian general ________H
Liternum and Puteoli (towns in _____)I
Nabis and Philip V _____ forcesJ
Wiman Joseon, northern _____ (Choson) K
Araxes River near ____ Sevan (Armenia)L
Cleopatra I Syra and Ptolemy V _____M
ClueMissing WordA-Z
Samothrace statue ____ (Victory) createdN
Greek states are _____ again on their ownO
Insubres, Gauls of the __ ValleyP
Lady __ concubine of Han GaozuQ
_____ calendar is adjustedR
Rosetta _____ is createdS
Greeks ____ their attention to the WestT
Hispania ________ and Hispania CiteriorU
___ Appia highway extendedV
Lex Oppia restricts a _____'s wealthW
____ He of ChinaX
Lucius _____ brother of Scipio AfricanusY
Artaxias and _________Z

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