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Can you name the 180s (BC) things and people?

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ClueMissing WordA-Z
Co-regent Cleopatra I Philometor, ___ 6A
Scipio Africanus and his _______ LuciusB
____ of Philadelphia (now Alaşehir) foundedC
Scipio Africanus ____ at LiternumD
Cato the _____ elected censorE
Liu Hong the ______ Dynastic emperorF
_____ scholar Aristophanes of ByzantiumG
___ Dynasty, ChinaH
Hannibal flees via ____ of CreteI
Emperor Kōgen of _____J
____ Apollodotus IK
__ Clan DisturbanceL
______ Fulvius Nobilior made consulM
ClueMissing WordA-Z
Conflict between _____ and south EgyptN
Basilica Porcia: ______ known basilica completedO
Demetrius I invades _______-day PakistanP
_____ Cleopatra IQ
Brhadrata I, last _____ of Mauryan dynasty R
Pisaurum is established on Adriatic ___S
Peace ______ of Apamea (in Phrygia)T
Abuse by tax gatherers brought _____ controlU
Construction of the ___ AemiliaV
Philip V of Macedon prepares for ___W
Ancient Egypt era: ______ (33) dynasty X
Cornelia, ________ daughter of ScipioY
Anatolia used as a buffer ____Z

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