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Can you name the 170s (BC) things and people?

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ClueMissing WordA-Z
Perseus repulses a Roman ____A
Mithradates I succeeds his _______B
Thracian ____ of Abdera is sackedC
Perseus marries Seleucus' ________D
Antiochus IV of the Seleucid ______E
Epirus joins in the _____ against RomeF
Timarchus appointed ________ of Media G
Liu Xingju of the ___ DynastyH
Tiberius Gracchus subdues ______ of SardiniaI
Two Ptolemy's agree on _____ rule of EgyptJ
____ Phriapatius of Parthia K
Ptolemy VI ____ claim to Coele SyriaL
Philip V of _______ (Greece)M
ClueMissing WordA-Z
Masinissa of Numidia (_____ Africa)N
First Roman colony ___side Italy founded O
Timarchus of Media in western ______ (Iran)P
Prince Liu Fei of __Q
Luni founded at mouth of Magra _____R
Ptolemy VI Philometor marries his ______S
Peace ______ ends Second Punic WarT
Jason, _______ high priest of JudeaU
Perseus is __________ over the RomansV
Eumenes II _____ the Senate of the dangerW
The _______ attack the YuezhiX
Cleopatra I and her _____ sonY
Prince Liu _____Z

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