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QUIZ: Can you name the 1610s things and people?

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_________ galaxyA
Grolsch _______, NetherlandsB
William Harvey: blood ___________C
_____ settlement, JavaD
__ GrecoE
_________ II, Holy Roman EmpireF
_____ Theater fire, LondonG
_____ HudsonH
__, Europa and GanymedeI
Pocahontas and ____ RolfeJ
______'s third law of planetary motionK
_____ XIII of FranceL
______ uprising, RussiaM
The planet _______N
___-way streets (London)O
King Wladyslaw of ______P
Don _______ translatedQ
Sir Walter _______ executed R
_____ whale beached, NoordwijS
____________ Day (Virginia)T
The _____ War (War of Gradisca)U
King James _______ of the BibleV
_______ ShakespeareW
Treaty of ______X
Thirty _____' WarY
________/Terra AustralisZ

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