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Bank of _________, NetherlandsA
Three _____ MiceB
____ CodC
The Tragical History of ______ FaustusD
____ India CompanyE
Guy ______F
Sikh Holy Scripture ____ Granth SahibG
Eastward ___ by Ben Jonson ...H
Old Bushmills Distillery, _______I
_____ I of EnglandJ
God Save the ____K
Bodleian _______, Oxford UniversityL
__________ IslandM
___ York BayN
Shakespeare's _______O
Warsaw, capital of ______P
French colony of ______Q
__________ telescope R
National bankruptcy in _____S
Mehmed III sultan of ______T
The _____ JackU
Martha's ________V
Sumo _________W
Pope Leo __X
The Nine _____ War (Ireland)Y
__ Sellase, EthiopiaZ

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