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Can you name the 1510s things and people?

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_______ VespucciA
______ of TehuacingoB
Sistine ______ ceilingC
François, ____ of AngoulêmeD
Turks conquer Cairo, _____E
Battle of Flodden ______F
_____ Prince Vasili III of MuscovyG
_______ Court PalaceH
Francisco d'Almeida viceroy of _____I
Pope ______ IIJ
____ Christian IIK
Juan Ponce de ____L
Niccolò ___________: The PrinceM
________ CopernicusN
St. ____'s Church, TallinnO
__________ ReformationP
Bona Sforza: _____ of PolandQ
Charles V, Holy _____ EmperorR
James IV of ________S
African slave _____ beginsT
Thomas More publishes '______'U
The Rialto of ______V
Thomas ______: Archbishop of YorkW
Louis ___ of FranceX
Hermann Vischer the _______Y
Ulrich _______ of Switzerland Z

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