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Can you name the 1490s things and people?

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Pope ________ VIA
Cheese and _____ rebellionB
Christopher ________C
King Hans of _______ and NorwayD
Amda Seyon II: Emperor of________E
Charles VIII of ______F
Cape of _____ HopeG
__________ (El Espanola/Haiti)H
Guanahani ______, BahamasI
_____ College, CambridgeJ
Alfonso II: ____ of NaplesK
Da Vinci's The ____ SupperL
Lorenzo de' ______ of FlorenceM
The Pont _____-DameN
Mouth of the _______ River discoveredO
Manuel I of ________P
King Ferdinand and _____ IsabellaQ
Puerto ____R
_____ Iago (Jamaica)S
The ______ of BaselT
Second Cornish ________U
_____ da GamaV
Scotch _______W
Muhammad ____X
Margaret of ____, Duchess of BurgundyY
John of Lannoy viceroy of _______Z

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