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Can you name the 140s (BC) things and people?

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ClueMissing WordA-Z
Aqua Marcia ________ built A
The ______ of AntiochB
Carthage ____ walls are breachedC
Yuan Ang of the Han _______D
Celtiberian War ____E
Galba parades his weeping ______ before a tribunalF
______ (Europe) conquered by RomeG
Jonathan: ____ Priest of Judea H
Corlea Trackway: County Longford _______I
Simon Maccabaeus of _____J
Ptolemy VI ______ in battleK
Gentius, the ____ king of IllyriaL
Buddhist ____ LokaksemaM
ClueMissing WordA-Z
Masinissa, king of Numidia (_____ Africa)N
Nicomedes II ____throws his fatherO
Demetrius II of Syria is taken ________P
_______ Caecilius Metellus MacedonicusQ
Stone bridge over the _____ TiberR
Lusitanian War, Hispania (_____)S
Diodotus Tryphon seizes the Seleucid ______T
Seleucid _______ Alexander BalasU
Construction of the ___ PostumiaV
Emperor __ of ChinaW
Ancient Egypt era ___III dynastyX
Hipparchus determines length of tropical ____Y
General ____ YafuZ

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