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Can you name the 1390s things and people?

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ClueMissing WordA-Z
Thomas Arundel; ________ of CanterburyA
Pope ________ IXB
The __________ TalesC
The _____ of MilanD
_______ Go-KameyamaE
Charles VI of ______F
Vytautas the _____G
King Sigismund of _______H
Glendalough monastery: Wicklow, _______I
____ of GauntJ
Battle of _______ (Turks defeat Serbs)K
Dick Whittington: Lord Mayor of ____L
Sretensky Monastery, ______ (Russia)M
ClueMissing WordA-Z
______, Denmark, and SwedenN
Earl of ______, ScotlandO
King Jogaila of ______P
Maria, _____ of SicilyQ
King _______ II R
______ Bajezid I S
The Chinese invent ______ paperT
_____ of KalmarU
Siege of _______, LithuaniaV
_______ II de MontacuteW
(Anti)pope Benedictus ____X
__ SeonggyeY
Ekiho, exorcises the ___ templeZ

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