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Can you name the 130s things and people?

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ClueMissing WordA-Z
Ptolemy tabulates ______ of refractionA
Triumphal arch for Hadrian is _____B
Basra becomes the _______ of ArabiaC
Chinese Han _______D
Huviska of the Kushan ______E
Zhang Heng invents the _____ seismometer F
Altar to the ___ Jupiter is erectedG
Hadrian adopts Lucius Aelius as his ____H
_____ (Europe) is divided into legal districtsI
_________ renamed Colonia Aelia CapitolinaJ
____ Rudradaman IK
Tax ____ passed for trade in PalmyraL
Marcus Aurelius ______ Faustina the YoungerM
ClueMissing WordA-Z
Hyginus becomes the _____ popeN
Betar last ___post of Bar Kochba fallsO
Palmyra imports products from _______ GulfP
Julius Severus ______ Judean revoltQ
The Tomb of Hadrian in ____ completedR
______ content in denarius falls to 75%S
Reading of the _____ prohibited by HadrianT
The Athenaeum __________ opensU
Hadrian's _____ in Tivoli, Italy is finishedV
Epictetus ______ the EnchiridionW
Legion ____ Deiotariana destroyedX
Last (4th) ____of Yangjia eraY
Temple of Olympian ____ is completedZ

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