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Can you name the 130s (BC) things and people?

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ClueMissing WordA-Z
Hymn to ______ (God of music) writtenA
Secret ______ in legislative assembliesB
Li Guang of _____C
Han _______ expands southwardD
'Beginning of the ___ of the Roman Republic'E
The _____ Acta Diurna appears in RomeF
Indo-_____ monarch Menander IG
Attalus III leaves his lands to Rome in ___ willH
______ of Delos, AtticaI
____ Hyrcanus of JudeaJ
____ Attalus II PhiladelphusK
Eunus, ______ of slave revoltL
Eight_____ siege of NumantiaM
ClueMissing WordA-Z
Cleopatra III of Egypt, _____ AfricaN
Metellus almost thrown ___ the Tarpeian RockO
Pacuvius, tragic ____P
_______ PompeiusQ
Confucianism adopted as state ________ (China)R
Valencia in _____ is foundedS
Tiberius Gracchus: Roman _______T
Slave ________ in Attica silver minesU
Mithridate __ of PontusV
Emperor __ DiW
Li Guang ambushes the _______ leaders X
____ 624 Ab urbe conditaY
_____ Qian explores central AsiaZ

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