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Lowest temperature theoretically possibleA*
Giant Panda's food choiceB*
Starchy foods food groupC
Element with symbol DsD
Internal support structure of vertibratesE
Chemical breakdown of bacteria, yeasts ...F
Physician for female reproductionG
Thick-skinned semiaquatic African mammalH
The body's defense mechanismI*
Pioneer of antiseptic surgeryJ*
Units of energy (kcals)K
Benjamin Franklin's metallic conductorL*
Incorrect identification of illness or injuryM
Physician for brain and spinal cord problemsN
Study of the Atlantic, Pacific, Arctic ... O
Element with symbol PaP
____________ and qualitative analysisQ
Also called erythrocyteR**
Also known as the backboneS*
Pattern of identical shapes with no gapsT
Temporary name of Rutherfordium (Unq)U
N. American term for veterinary surgeonV
Devices used in projectional radiographyX*
Bird species (inspiration for Tweety Pie)Y*
Inorganic compound (ZnS or ZnSO4)Z*

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