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Scourge of God ruler 434-53 (three words)A
Former name for the DRC (two words)B
1962: _____ _______ CrisisC
William I's 'Great survey' (two words)D
April 1916 Irish insurrection (two words)E
1982 Argentina vs UK conflict (two words)F
Former Portuguese colony (hyphenated)G
60s and 70s UK Prime minister (two words)H
German Enlightenment thinker (two words)I
WWII Soviet Union leader (two words)J
UN general secretary 1972-81 (two words)K
Noted French microbiologist (two words)L
Artist: The Last JudgmentM
Former name of New York (two words)N
Timothy McVeigh bomb target (two words)O
Capital of the United States, 1790–1800P
Aztec god known as the Plumed SerpentQ
40th U.S. President (two words)R
Statue of Zeus and six more (two words)S
The Heraion at Olympia (three words)T
Oxford (1096) and Yale (1701)U
I came, I saw, I conquered (three words)V
H.M.S. Bounty captain (two words)W
Nikephoros Kallistos ____________X
1973 Arab–Israeli conflict (three words)Y
Video of JFK's assassination (two words)Z

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