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Can you name the 1290s things and people?

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ClueMissing WordA-Z
Al-Ashraf Khalil of Egypt captures ____A
Battle at Stirling ______B
Santa Maria del Fiore (Florence _________)C
John II: ____ of BrabantD
_______ of Castile (consort)E
Louis IX of ______ canonizedF
____ of Chili Earthquake, ChinaG
Mongol Golden _____H
Monaco gains its ____________I
____ Balliol: King of ScotlandJ
Death of ______ KhanK
University of Coimbra: ______ PortugalL
______ I of Sweden M
ClueMissing WordA-Z
Florence bans the use of Arabic ________N
Akershus Fortress of ____, NorwayO
____ Celestine VP
_____ Beatrice of CastileQ
Kings Towne on the _____ HullR
Lucerne: _____ ConfederationS
The ______ of AnagniT
Louis II of _____-BayernU
Glassmakers in ______ move to MuranoV
Portuguese _____ DogW
Patriarch John __ of ConstantinopleX
____ DynastyY
___ Buddhist temple of NanzenjiZ

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