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Can you name the 1240s things and people?

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ClueMissing WordA-Z
Rebuilding of Westminster _____A
The ______ of FossaltaB
Gothic _________ in Köln (Cologne)C
Hendrik II ____ of BrabantD
Aztec ______ establishedE
_________-on-the-Main, GermanyF
Nichomachean Ethics: _____-Latin translationG
Buda, capital of _______H
Galway, _______I
Siege and Fall of _________J
Teutonic _______K
The Lombard ______ L
Croats stop the ______ invasionM
ClueMissing WordA-Z
________ 24th Mont Granier disasterN
The Servite _____O
Alhambra ______,GranadaP
___ Jiushao's Chinese remainder theoremQ
_____ Bacon publishes black powder formulaR
Gothic chapel ______-ChapelleS
_____ of David (citadel)T
__________ College (first Oxford college)U
Right and left __________ of the heartV
Civil ___ era in NorwayW
Prince Alfonso _ of CastileX
________ II of VladimirY
Sōtō sect of ___ BuddhismZ

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