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QUIZ: Can you name the 120s things and people?

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ClueMissing WordA-Z
The Olympeion in ______ rebuiltA
Roman bakeries distribute free _____ to the poorB
Han Dynasty, _____C
Foss ____ is constructed in BritainD
Telesphorus: the ______ popeE
Chinese calendar brought in line with ____ seasonsF
Wiesbaden (_______) is first mentionedG
Conn of the _______ BattlesH
Scythians dominate western _____I
Saint Matthias, Bishop of _________J
____ Gaeru of BaekjeK
Hadrian distributes ____ to small farmersL
Provinces of Greece, Egypt and Asia _____ M
ClueMissing WordA-Z
Locust invasion in _____ AfricaN
The ___ Pantheon is demolished O
______ kills 500,000 in NumidiaP
Local stone is ________ for Hadrian's wallQ
The Pantheon is constructed in ____R
Ban Yong, ___ of Ban ChaoS
Christians not put to death without fair _____T
Vibia Sabina (Trajan was her _____)U
Temple of _____ and RomaV
Domitia Longina, _____ of DomitianW
Year 120 (C__)X
Hadrian returns home after seven ____ voyageY
Temple of Olympian ____ resumesZ

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