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Can you name the 120s (BC) things and people?

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ClueMissing WordA-Z
Scipio Aemilianus ____________ by his enemiesA
Antiochus VII Sidetes killed in ______B
________ II and her brother Ptolemy VIIC
The Scythians ______ the ParthiansD
_______ Han Wudi of ChinaE
Seleucus V succeeds his ______F
_____ astronomer HipparchusG
General __ Chu-pingH
Balearic _______ conquered by RomeI
Aurelia mother of ______ Caesar bornJ
____ Demetrius IIK
Gracchus passes the Weapons Provision ___L
Distance to the ____ estimatedM
ClueMissing WordA-Z
Numidia: ____ AfricaN
Greco-Bactrian kingdom ____ run by TokhariO
Cleopatra Thea tries to ______ her stepson)P
Consul ______ Fabius MaximusQ
Fregellae's ______ against Rome beginsR
Total _____ eclipseS
Demetrius II recovers his ______T
Aix founded _____ the name of Aquae Sextiae U
Teutons and Cimbri migrate to Danube ______V
Falernian _____ bottled (Opimian vintage)W
Chinese defeat the _______X
Africanus the _______Y
Alexander II _______Z

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