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Kareem _____-______ (hyphenated)A
North American term for bobsleighingB
Illinois baseball team*C
Athletics field event*D
GDR sports country*E
High jump style used today*F
Attire worn by Masters golf champion*G
Sport associated with jockeys*H
Zlatan: Swedish soccer starI
The Yankee Clipper*J
Malaysia: _____ ______ Sports City (KLSC)K
1994 Winter Olympics venueL
Judo, karate, and kendo ...*M
Winner of 18 Grand Slam singles titleN
Manchester United football stadium*O
Premier competition for disabled athletesP
American football offensive backQ
Sport played by the Leeds Rhinosl*R
Springboks country*S
Ping Pong*T
Club ___________ de ChileU
Team's second in command (hyphenated)V
MLB annual championship games*W
Two-time world badminton champion*X
Ellen MacArthur or Donna LangeY
Andoni: Spanish goalkeeper 1985–1998Z

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