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Defect in the eye or lensA
Sodium ___________ (NaHCO3)B
Movement of blood around the bodyC
Bending of light around an objectD
Liquid to a gas processE
_____ __ ____ (FOV)F
Liquid found beneath Earth's surfaceG
Group 14 hydride e.g. acetylene or butaneH
Sedimentary, metamorphic and _______ ____I
French scientist: Irène ______-_____J
AK-47 assault rifle inventor and designerK
Outer part of the earthL
Element with chemical symbol MdM
_______ ____ of Motion 1686N
Father of the atomic bombO
Likelihood of something happeningP
Alternative name for (metal) MercuryQ
The action of breathingR
Our region of the universe (two words)S
Degree or intensity of heatT
Semi-visible spectrum of lightU
Animals with backbonesV
Animals which can make their own body heatW
Males have one, females have twoX
First person in space (full name) Y
Ocean drifting organismsZ

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