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Day of the Dead (three words)A
Apostle (identified with Nathanael)B
Name for ancient Jerusalem (three words)C
Fifth book of the TorahD
According to the teaching of the gospelsE
Holy place built by King Solomon (two words)F
Belief that Earth is at center of universeG
Seventh Plague of Egypt: H___ a__ F___H
Nobody expects the Spanish ...I
Central figure of Christianity (two words)J
The royal son of David (two words)K
Common name for Pater Noster (two words)L
Where Noah's Ark came to rest (two words)M
Pope Adrian VI: Country of birth (modern-day)N
Adam and Eve's transgression (two words)O
Relating to Holy Spirit baptismP
Wife of Persian king Ahasuerus (two words)Q
Where Jesus was baptized (two words)R
Mecca country (two words)S
Sukkot (Feast of T__________)T
Those without a particular religious faithU
Catholic Church headquarters V______ C___V
Famous London abbeyW
Room in medieval monastery for pilgrimsX
Annual Christian era period Y___ o_ G____Y
Follower of Ahura MazdaZ

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