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1978 John Belushi comedy*A
Stand-ins for nude or dangerous scenes*B
What we've got here is failure to ___C
U.S. actress Olivia*D
What Spielberg's little alien said**E
Life is like a box of chocolate movie*F
Single color backdrop used in filming G
The Queen, Gosford Park actress*H
D. W. Griffith epic silent movie I
Dorothy Gale actress*J
DreamWorks Animation 2008 release**K
The Bad**L
___ be with you (Star Wars)**M
Con Air, Face/Off actor*N
1986 Best Picture movie**O
Open the ___, please, HAL**P
Merida's mother (Brave)*Q
He got framed by Judge Doom*R
Film with no spoken dialogue*S
James Bond movieT
2006 Milla Jovovich sci-fi thrillerU
In the Heat of the Night protagonist*V
1930s and 1940s Tarzan actorW
Motion picture intended for adults only*X
1983 Graham Chapman pirate movieY
Hungarian-American actress and socialite**Z

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