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Study of human history and prehistoryA
One of the Twelve Apostles of JesusB
Larva of a butterfly or mothC
Books containing telephone numbersD
Chemical element number 99E
Hard coverings at the end of fingersF
Insect with long back legsG
Bird able to hover and fly backwardsH
Church institution for suppressing heresyI
`Twas brillig' nonsense poemJ
Highest mountain in AfricaK
19th-century Scottish explorer in AfricaL
Hot-air balloon pioneer brothers' surnameM
The bare ___ of life will come to youN
Capital city of Burkina FasoO
Country in Southeast AsiaP
US Football positionQ
Influential French Revolution figureR
Ninth sign of the zodiacS
Capital of FloridaT
Lacking relevant requirements to do a jobU
Animals that have a backboneV
Wallace & Gromit's favorite cheeseW
Orchestral percussionistX
National Park in the United StatesY
Immeasurably wealthy personZ

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