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Language spoken in BakuA
Symbol used to introduce list items • B*
Word used to connect clauses e.g. and, butC
Words that introduce nouns e.g. an, thisD
Punctuation mark !E
Penning (something) raw without correctionF
Relating to structure/system of languageG
Also known as a heteronymH
Person who draws pictures for booksI
They write stories for newspapersJ
Two titled people or Nightmare homophoneK*
Printing from metal plate (or smooth stone)L
Confusion of words that are similarM
Another word for asyllabicN
Beginning sentence of letter or newspaperO*
Brackets ( ) [ ]P
Inquiring or interrogatingQ
Illumination used for the perusal of booksR*
To the highest degree adjective e.g. mostS
Books that list synonyms of wordsT
(Author) Having no writings issued in printU
Everyday speech of ancient RomansV*
Mistake-free recital (hyphenated)W
Color yellow phobia sufferer X
Telephone directoryY*
Religion that chants in a sutra hallZ*

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