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Can you name the eleven-letter holiday answers? (* or ** denotes a multiple-word answer)

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Thanksgiving movie: Planes, Trains and ___A
Papa Elf's adopted son**B
Celebration: Spanish for 'Fifth of May'**C
Chinese New Year rhythmic performance*D
Rabbit that delivers chocolate eggs*E
Small explosive charge let off at festivalsF
UK music five-day festival held in JuneG
Cake like bread eaten on Good Friday**H
Julius Caesar died on this festival day**I
President: died July 4th 1831*J
Alternative name for Santa Claus*K
19 September: Talk ___ _ ___ Day**L
Originally known as Decoration Day*M
January the First**N
Autumnal festival held in MunichO
June 12 independence (from Spain) countryP
Mar 25, Jun 24, Sep 29 and Dec 25*Q
Day informally known as Poppy DayR
___ ___ holy night ...all is calm ... *S
Second day of Christmas birds*T
Where Oogie Boogie livesU
US public holiday (November 11)*V
___ Birthday (Presidents' Day)W
December the 25th dessert*X
Traditional Christmas dessert**Y
___ (religion) Festival of MihraganZ

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